I see my counseling role as a guide, someone to help you navigate those challenging transitions in life, and come out stronger on the other side.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from clients that they didn’t get much out of previous therapy because they felt like they were doing “all the talking” without much feedback.  I offer warmth and compassion, yes, and I’m an excellent and empathetic listener, but I’m also directive in my approach.  I love to use humor, and wouldn’t be genuine without it.  Sound like we might be a good fit?  Let me tell you a little bit more about the work I do.

First of all,  I love working with people (teens and adults) who are experiencing life transitions, whether that be leaving or trying to improve a difficult relationship, thinking of changing careers, or adjusting to life as a parent.  I specialize in the reproductive, including infertility, and pregnancy and postpartum experience, and have been certified by Postpartum Support International.  Having gone through my own journey of infertility and loss, and then through the wonderful but terrifying shift of becoming a parent, my resolve to work with those clients strengthened.   I love helping that new parent who’s struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression, or with trying to adapt to their new identity, and the new identity of their relationship with their partner.  Having a baby, or going through a fertility struggle or loss, can have a huge impact on our relationships.

I love being able to help people get back to a place where they feel connected with themselves, and their partners.

I take pride in having a space that is accepting, non-judgmental, and warm, and invite folks of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious/spiritual beliefs.  I am very comfortable talking about these pieces of our identities, and welcome those sometimes challenging conversations.

If it seems like we might be a good match, please call 828-970-8837

Accepted Insurance Providers: Cigna, Aetna, Medcost, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Healthgram